Side Quest 2: Combo Photo

I was looking around my room for inspiration when I noticed my water bottle sitting on my desk. Then I started to think what fun things I could do with a water bottle. Eventually I came up with a play on words of Bottle rocket. As a kid I would make these cute little rocket with an Alka-seltzer tablet and some water. When we got into high school my my friends and I used dried ice and they flew way higher. I wanted to express my love for this weekend activity and fill viewers with that nostalgia from childhood.

The hardest part of making this photo was the formatting the layers. It was my first time using some form of Photoshop that was more than just Snapchat. All my previous experience of photo editing was writing the letter “S” for my streaks. It is quite exciting to learn something new in life on my own. I feel as though the past 18 years have been so guided, so this approach to something new has relaxed me.


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