Literacy Narrative Reflection

Heres a link to my reflection.

This essay shows my past experiences with the English language. Although, they may be limited to many in this world, I found it hard to get out these words. I find it difficult to reflect on challenges in my life due to my emotional side. To balance this out, I incorporated points of success that came from these low lows. In doing so, I allowed my emotions to reach a point of equilibrium. For those of you who don’t have time to read the original post, I want you to read this line.

“For many, expressing their ideas and findings in a neat poster may be simple and come as second nature, but for second grade me it was cruel.”

This singular line describes the pain and suffering of my past which many people I feel can relate to. This idea of dread and anguish over expressing what seems known to you is brutal for me. This brutally procrastination still lingers with me, but I still get the job done.

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