Twine Reflection

Throughout this course my way of thinking was challenged. I was engaged by having to often reverse engineer assignments. This would entail me having an end goal and instead working towards it, often I would have the goal and work backwards or have to skip from topic to topic. The best example I could give from the semester was when we were assigned to make a video game on an application called Twine. Most people when they make a game just need a concept with a thought out story, but in my case I had to start further behind. These developers already have people that make their thoughts become reality. I needed to learn how to code the game in Twine before a story could flourish. Then, this concept of Storyboarding was completely foreign to me, but as you can see below I think I did alright. 

“Intro story: Sam is a heart surgeon at the New York Presbyterian Lower Manhattan Hospital. He wakes up at his usual 9 AM time. Today, he will head straight to the hospital where he will perform an open heart operation.  

Story 1) Sam takes the subway to get to work. 

Option 1a: Sam stops by his favorite pizza joint on the way to work.

Option 1b: Sam gets a quick deli sandwich on the way to work..

Option 1c: Sam doesn’t eat anything because he wants to watch those carbs.”

Above, we can see that for a student that has no understanding of this software or even how to make a video game. I was able to produce something that may get enough playtime to put a smile on my face. This ability to not work from point a to point b, has allowed my writing process to become more efficient.  The Twine game enhanced my ability to work in an organized, but more efficient manner. This is truly the skill that I appreciate most from this experience.

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