Player Narrative Reflection

Player Narrative – Sams Word Den (

This short essay was fun to write. I got to relive my younger life through the eyes of an older gamer. I experienced my early memories of success and hatred for different games. In the actual essay I focused on how my love for games is constant, but life gets in the way. When I was younger my insane amount of free time allowed me to play slower and more concise without a high understanding. Now, I use games as a leisure activity because the knowledge required to play them is not a lot for me, but is something easy to do everything.

Game Comparison Reflection

This essay allowed me to figure out what components were necessary to make such games carry out deep emotion. In games that I analyzed, Gris and Depression Quest allowed me to see failure through a new light. As instead of just playing these games, I analyzed them to understand their deeper meanings. The new structure of writing a comparative essay without an introduction was annoying for me because I still felt as though I wrote an introduction in my first paragraph. It was brief to help a classmate see my perspective on this, but felt necessary. It was difficult to make such a “slim” essay. What I mean by this is that I explain my points and conclude. For my first time, it felt like a literary version of a PowerPoint presentation. The claims that I used were more so dealing with how the player was supposed to play and what causes were to be found. This thought process taken by both games explains how we can heal ourselves while in tough times, emotionally.

Literacy Narrative Reflection

Heres a link to my reflection.

This essay shows my past experiences with the English language. Although, they may be limited to many in this world, I found it hard to get out these words. I find it difficult to reflect on challenges in my life due to my emotional side. To balance this out, I incorporated points of success that came from these low lows. In doing so, I allowed my emotions to reach a point of equilibrium. For those of you who don’t have time to read the original post, I want you to read this line.

“For many, expressing their ideas and findings in a neat poster may be simple and come as second nature, but for second grade me it was cruel.”

This singular line describes the pain and suffering of my past which many people I feel can relate to. This idea of dread and anguish over expressing what seems known to you is brutal for me. This brutally procrastination still lingers with me, but I still get the job done.

Side Quest 10: Assemblies

For this assignment, I listed the four main parts of the class work that helped me progress throughout the semester. It can be easily seen through these four sections, which I see as the overall writing skills, the podcasts, non-linear comprehension, and the side quests. Side quest are daily work, they are interesting little activities, but they allow for constant stimulation during down time. Overall writing skills helped me to comprehensively reflect on my poor English skills and hone them. The podcasts helped me, by utilizing teamwork, communication, analysis, and video/audio production. Lastly the non linear comprehension of the assignments benefitted me to think outside of the box and put more effort into my work without the downside of an “impossible” assignment. These portions built the class to a point of stability and likeness to where I got through.

Side Quest 9: Recreate an Iconic Movie Scene

I absolute hate my own voice like most people, but to try and do a Russian accent is even harder when I cant hear myself. Even though it may not seemed like it this was my tenth take. I have a hard time with “public” speaking and even more so in a foreign accent. This scene is from the TF2 trailer series specifically i chose meet the heavy. It was fun but not enjoyable.

Throw a piece of paper into a bin … most spectacular throw wins.

All of these videos are going to be throwing the paper into the bin, but I am here today showcasing what happens when we use 100% of our brain. More specifically when we go beyond the norm and throw the bin onto the ball of paper. It is so quirky and weird that everyone will be shocked by the inner workings of my mind. I am not trying to impress anyone with this, but I needed something so my hallmates came up with this gem.

Gris: Beauty without words

As I joined for the first time and I was amazed by the colors that were presented tome, but then all of a sudden I got a chill down my spine as the hand crumbled away as we were sent spiraling downwards into the unknown. I felt as though I was with this statue, almost reminiscent of hos Steven Universe has the statues throughout the series of the show foretelling something that hasn’t been found or something that was loss.

Now, I start running through this unknown territory and eventually encounter a white wisps that follows me around. Maybe it is there to remind me of something that is loss, but follows me in spirit.

I continue through the puzzles with the white background until I take a turn and stumble onto this new Red society. A place filled with harsh winds and heavy blocks. I felt that my time here was very rage induced, but only ends up hurting myself. This is countered by becoming this large block that helps me gain stance and mobility through this tough time.

In the next area, the land of pink, I found myself walking normally. Then, I discovered this little cube fellow sulking on a rock. He runs away, but I end up chasing him and we become my companion for a short period of time. This helps me gain some help from others, but Im not quite sure how it fits together.

After my unsuccessful attempt at the temple, I start to feel loss and which lead perfectly into the next area of the game. This is the underwater portion, the land of deep sorrows that cant be expressed in words. I feel as though I don’t know exactly what is going on in the game at this point, but I can relate to the background of how the game made the water suppress the thoughts and ideas of positivity and just left you alone. Going around with this looming cloud of naught, left me drained.

I brought some personal feelings into the game at this point and I couldn’t continue as my feelings became to strong for enjoyable gameplay. I understand now that this is the purpose to explain the levels of grief without a textbook or some man with a degree diagnosing you with such and such.

Side Quest 5: Sunday Sketches

A positive look on the balance of life

For some background knowledge, the two blue smiles are magnets that were sold together, much like a salt and pepper shaker. When combined they make a sphere shape and this got me thinking about halves combining to make a whole. This led to my creation of the two smiles representing yin and yang. They are the two halves of the whole balance of good and bad, but we all know that we cant have good without some bad and vice versa. They smile upon us as we live our lives and serve as a reminder that we need to balance our lives to maintain a happy for ourselves and those around us.

My bag is light, NGL

The bag stays light because I hate weight. About 11 pounds.

BackPack List: -Oakley Sink Backpack -Ti-84 Calculator -Asus ROG Strix Laptop -IPad Pro -Big Notebook -Small Notebook -Scratch Paper -Whiteboard Marker -Pen -Adidas Slides -Wallet -Keys -Laptop Charger

I am a Science major, so when I am in my room I can take in depth notes with my range of paper options. I always tend to write in black pen as it allows me to be consistent with a single option. My laptop is for Zoom, videogames and assignments that require larger amounts of processing power. My calculator is for my chemistry classes and eventual math classes.

I hate carrying stuff around, but for the assignment I showed the maximum amount of items that I will carry. This is my hectic bag. Normally, I only carry my phone, keys, and wallet. This allows me to be more mobile and lower the weight. My phone has all of my textbooks, notes, calculator, and class resources at my fingertips. If I am out at the Quad playing ultimate frisbee then I realize that I have to read something, I can pull out my phone and finish my work. Creating this image did not do much for me because I did not want to show my actual unideal minimalist “backpack”. The photo above is my like if I need to pack my bag to study for many hours somewhere else besides my room.