Lose Yourself to the Californication

Lose Yourself to the Californication Accredited by Jason McMillan, Oct 5, 2014

The photo that has been utilized to represent my websites page is a custom image used by Jason McMillan (a YouTuber who produces music mash ups). In this specific song he chose to combine the songs Californication by the Red Hot Chili Peppers and Lose Yourself to Dance by Daft Punk. This song was represented by the following as it shows the combine helmets of the Daft Punk Robots with a fruitful color dawned on them to represent the happy and relaxed tones of Anthony, Flea, and Co.

The reason that I have chosen this image is simple. I am a child of two similarity represented lineages. My father although I know him, I can not say much about the rest of his family and past. He is representative of the helmets by not revealing anything. My mothers family is open and warm hence they represents the dazzling colors that come from the R.H.C. side of the cover. These two lineages/songs are pushed into one image. Even though I may not be that secretive or super bubbly, I am a bit of both, so in some sense this is the perfect representation of me as a photo.